Wednesday, April 6, 2011

So.. realizing that it has been a year since being on my blog, I got on and checked out some of what's been going on in the world of the the people I use to keep up with. This move from Idaho back to Utah has definately been an interesting one. Working full time has been a challenge, but I like my job and that helps. I miss my kiddos a ton, but they are such a huge help and we try harder to enjoy the time we DO get together. Jim is workng a graveyard and I work days. The only time we see eachother is on Friday nights and Saturdays. We are making it work. I finally (after being here for a year and a half) went and got my drivers lisense changed. If all goes well, we will be moving to Smithfield (15 minutes North of Logan) and dig in some roots for a while. This moving thing is for the birds. I've been in the Relief Society Presidency for the past year and it has been a challenge in this ward. Our Bishop when we got here decided he would "self release" himself and now the relief society president who we, (all the other members of the presidecy) have struggled with... she decided that she was moving and didn't tell anyone!! What the heck. Who does that? She didn't even tell the Bishop until he showed up at her house and she was packing. What a joke. So, in a nutshell... we are surviving. Things are going ok. For anyone who reads this, I hope you are well. I hope that life is so good for you.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hey there all my Idaho falls friends... I'm coming to town and were doing dinner and a move on april 16th. Let me know if your interested. :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ha ha... My 11 year old still believes in the toothefairy and my 5 year old son thinks she gives wedgies. :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ya know... I'm really sick and tired of missing people. I hate the feeling I get when I check peoples blogs or see what's going on with facebook, I miss my peoples. On one hand, I am so thankful that Heavenly Father has blessed with so many wonderful people in my life... but on the other, it really sucks to miss every body. I can be such a sentimental fool some times.

So incase you didn' already know... I MISS YOU!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I hate being in the middle of a situation and knowing that I CAN'T pick sides. It is so frustrating and awkward and did I mention frustrating. Especially at work.

Monday, January 11, 2010

So.. this will come as NO surprise to those who really know me. I totally started a fire in my microwave. I was cooking some bacon as I have done many times and waaaallllllaaaahhh! FIRE. What the heck?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

If you have gone private on your blog I need an invite. I've been off this site for so long that apparently I need an invite to several of your blogs. If you don't see your name on the "people I know that blog" list, please give me your info. I'd love to catch up.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Thanksgiving at Jim's parents house, 2009

Pictures my sister-in-law Holly took of Jim and I just for fun.

Welcome 2010! I am extatic that 2009 is over. I have so many new year resolutions, it's rediculous. I love the feeling of a new year. It's a lot like moving. It's a great chance to start over and be whoever you want to be. Unfortunately, I have had this opportunity so many times with all of our moves that I'm getting confused as to who I am, who I have been and who I WANT to be. :)

So... for my resolutions: (NOT IN OREDER OF PRIORITY)
I want to be the kind of person that stays on top of things. I want to say I'll do my visiting teaching and actually do it. But not just for the numbers... I want to know the sisters I visit teach and be their friend. I want to know their needs and help them however I can.

I want to be a better wife. I don't ever want my husband to doubt that he is my world. I want him to know that I am proud of him and happy to call myself his eternal companion. I want us to laugh together more.

I want to be a better mother. I want to work on not getting upset so easily over them "just being kids". I want to be the kindof mom they can always come and talk to.

I want to be a better friend. Heavenly Father has blessed me with AMAZING people in my life and I want them to know that I love them and am grateful for them.

I want to work on my spirituality. Starting with prayer. I have allowed myself to take that simple act for grantid and in order for me to rebuild my relationship with my Heavenly Father i need to start there.

Ok... that sounds like a good start. You notice that I didn't put anything about loosing weight... I want this list to be realistic. I know myself way better than that ! Heee hee. I'll work on it, but I'm not making any kind of resolution about it. :)

Now, life as I know it has once again changed and things have been turned upside down. We haven't been talking about it openly because I think we are still in bit of shock over the whole thing... at least, I am. The Saturday before Christmas, Jim quit the job that we moved to Logan for. It was a bad environment and became a joke of a situation. I won't go into details, but let's just say that the owner became IMPOSSIBLE to work for and it was better for him to quit than continue working there. He hasn't found a new job yet and we are praying that something comes a long soon.

I, on the other hand did find a new job. I started working for a company called Harris Research. It's the parent company for chem dry. I worked for them 11 years ago and really enjoyed it and was able to MIRACULOUSLY obtain a possition in their accounting department. I started the Wednesday before Christmas and have really enjoyed it. It's full time, Mon-fri. from 8-5, which means I'm now in bed at 10pm and up at 6am. Which is quite crazy for me!!!

Here's to hoping that 2010 is a better year. We are possitive and up beat and working hard to stay that way. We had a wonderful Christmas and New Years spending time with family and even had Hansens (our neighbors from Idaho Falls) show up at our door unexpectedly to spend Sunday with us. It was a totally wonderful suprise. She even managed to bring me some of Sister Belnaps homemade hot fudge which we made short and quick work of.

P.S. I forgot to add better journal keeping to my resolutions. I am hoping to keep my blog up to better date. :)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Life is moving along. This week... well, nothing exciting. Jim and I had fun watching the UFC and WEC fights. Read a few more books and had a fun Halloween with the kids. It's nothing exciting, but it's what we did this week. It's been really warm here and I've got all the doors and windows open. I like this kindof weather in October. I hope it doesn't mean that it will be super cold in June.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Just got home from Idaho Falls. We had a fun, eventful, emotional weekend. The emotional part of it will stay in my head cuz there just isn't a way to explain it. As for the fun and eventful, the kids had their primary program and we had commited a few months ago to being there so Danaca could sing a solo. She was amazing. She didn't seem nervous at all and sung so beautifully. It made me cry. So sweet and innocent.

Saturday was the wards Super Saturday and so I went and help my friend Jen (she's incharge of our Super Saturdays and she's amazing at it. So stinkin' crafty.) Got to visit with some people and then we went home and hung out. It was great to see everyone!! I miss you all again, already. Sister Belnap gave me a jar of her home made hotfudge (which she knows that i'm addicted too) so that I could have a treat on the way home. It was DELISH !! Who needs ice cream.

AND...I have to admit that I'm a complete idot. Apparently this move has been harder on me than realized. When I was leaving Idaho I went North on I-15 instead of South and didn't even catch it until 45 minutes later. Jim was a LITTLE bugged (ok. it was more than a little) because I made him late for his camping trip. OOOOPS!

Now I'm back in Logan and Jim has taken the kids on the family "reunion" deer hunt for three days. I hope their safe and have a great time. They were all excited to go camping.

Catch ya next week!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I've decided that Sunday is a great day for updating. Or in other words... writing in my journal. hee hee. Mandy we are ALWAYS excited for visitors. I would love to see you. It's been to long cousin.

So for starters, can I please have my Lincoln 5th ward back!! Nothing against the great people in the Maple Valley 2nd ward. My new Bishopric is like 18 in age and maturity. Ok, well that's probably a little harsh considering I don't know them. I think it just makes me feel old. Kindof like when you go to your doctor, someone who you are suppose to trust with your life and in walks this kid right out of med school. What kindof life experience does a Bishop have when he's like 14? Not much, but I gues that part of trusting the Lord is also trusting that he is in that position because that's where he is needed. I just really miss my ward FAMILY. My support group and the people who have been with me through the hardest two years of my life. They know me, they like me and I want them back.

I want my neighbors back!! I'm sure there are nice people around here, but you don't realize how much I relied on great neighbors for support and entertainment. Especially late at night when I'm bored and need something to do. I guess I'll have to just keep reading and enjoy the solitude. :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I suppose it's time to update my blog. So much has happened and I don't know where to start. We sold our house in Idaho Falls (which was a tremendous blessing.) The family who bought our house had been looking to buy in our ward for quite a while and just as we put it on the market they wanted to buy it. The flip side of this blessing... because there is ALWAYS a flip side... is that I have left behind some amazing friends, neighbors, co-workers and the best ward we've ever been in. It was more like family to me and during the toughest two years of my life, they were there with comfort and support and love. I know I can find that anywhere I go, but I will truely miss them.

We have moved to Logan, Utah again and Jim is the General Manager for a restaraunt called the Beehive Grill. A fun concept and good food, not to mention some yummy gilato. Mmmm. I think I will go get some today. It's pretty tasty.

We've moved into a dinky three bedroom apartment and put most of our stuff in storage. There is a lot to like about this place... a pool, weightroom, playgrounds, year round hot tub, club house to host scrapbook parties, etc. There is also a lot to not like... it's tiny, up three flights of stairs, not as clean as I'd like, and did I mention that it's small???

I will start working at the Kohls here in a week and I am actually nervous. ?? Not really like me, but I've lost a sense of security in the last couple years and I can't seem to get it back. When my kids went to their first day of school yesterday I cried for them because the looks on their faces said... "Mommy, please stay with me." They did have a great first day and are off with no reservations today. Thank goodness I have pretty resiliant kids.

There is a lot to like about Logan and in the past we have enjoyed living here. There is a beautiful view of the temple right outside our apartment window. Beautiful scenery, an Einsteins Bagel, Carls' Jr., indoor ice skating, close to family.... and so much more that I can't think of right now.

We are planning to build another house if things go well in the next year. That should be fun!!
Gotta go get ready for the day...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

There is this boy... who has been bothering my girls. He's new to the neighborhood and had been rude and crude and mean. So, I've told them to ignore him. Then, yesterday the boy admits to one of my girls that the only reason he's been mean is because he likes her. Then he hands her a flower.

The boy then asks to meet her mother... Brighton pipes up and says, "watchout, she's kindof mean. "

I would have been mad that he felt that way except I couldn't stop laughing. That little boy is so stinkin' spoiled rotten that for him to say that totally caught me off guard. What a brat. :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Just wanted to let you know that we are still alive and kicken'. Life has been a jumbled up mess for that last while, but we are hangin' on. Jim recently got a job with a new resturaunt in Logan and when our house gets sold we will be moving. There are so many emotions and thoughts going a long with that last sentence but we are going to make the best of this situation. We are grateful to have employment and that's what counts.